Architect Helpers


Helping Architects Quickly Deliver Stunning Professional Designs  


Professional Design

You want to provide high-level beautiful drawings to help your client's dreams become reality.  Let us help you.  We work as your staff to provide professional 2D drawings and 3D renderings.

On Time Delivery

Deadlines can be stressful.  Know that our mission is to provide professional work ON TIME to keep your clients happy and your projects moving forward.  Never miss a deadline again.

Peace of Mind

You have the work, but not a full-time staff.  We have experienced architects and skilled drawers available for when you need them.  Have the peace of mind you can always take care of your clients!

We love working with Architect Helpers!

Gem is a talented architect specializing in high quality 3D Renderings. We hired her team to provide 3D Renderings for a project that we were pitching to a prospective client. Our prospective client was absolutely blown out of the water with the lifelike images! Her 3D Renderings brought all of our ideas and concepts to life and helped communicate our vision and design for the space. Needless to say, we closed the deal with the help of Architect Helpers and our client is using the 3D Renderings to for their financing pitch to the bank!

We also love their professionalism, patience and caring. Gem takes a lot of pride doing awesome work and Creighton is on the ball as a project manager.

If you are an Architect or Designer looking for affordable and stunning 3D Renderings, I highly recommend the Architect Helpers Team.

Noelle Nixon,

Design Director & Partner with Alexander Design

Our Services

2D Drawing

Your floor plan can be created with Autocad software or Sketchup software. Colors, materials, textures, and / or interior design can be added with Photoshop software to look more stunning. And you choose what file works best for you (.dwg, .jpg, .pnf, .pdf, etc.)

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3D Rendering

Take your 2D  drawing to the next level with 3d rendering. You and/or your clients will love the realistic professional quality that you will receive.  Everything is customizable - furniture, texture, background, colors etc. - and you choose the file works best. 

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3D Animation

If you want to make an impressive presentation to increase sales to or for prospective clients, then this is an eye-catching way to make a great impression. Show off your professionalism with an animation video that will make your prospective clients feel like they are actually walking through your home!

Our Mission

Helping Architects Quickly Deliver Stunning Professional Designs

Our Team

Gem Y Hoang

As a young child Gem loved drawing, especially famous architectural buildings.  That love grew into passion and led her to opening her own Architect Company where she did everything from Marketing; Consulting; Designing; and Construction.  But in her heart, she always loved doing the drawings.

Gem sees drawings as an opportunity to make ideas and dreams becomes closer to reality.  Now she wants to share her passion and skill with architects needing help with their business in delivering high-quality professional 2D drawings; 3D renderings; and 3D animation.  

Creighton Wong

Creighton is an entrepreneur at heart with a passion for designing successful businesses.  Architect Helpers is an opportunity to help architects and architecture firms be successful by delivering excellent quality drawings without having the expense and headache of hiring full-time staff.